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YuuciCare is the epitome of Korean Skincare - Safe for the environmental and more importantly safe for our bodies. YuuciCare uses top-of-the-line ecofriendly sourced raw materials

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YuuciCare has their own R&D facility along with GMP certified, cutting-edge production technologies. YuuciCare continues to push the boundaries between highly functional products with the cost effectiveness in addition to high social value for your money.

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A Whole New Look

Rejuvenate and hydrate your face through YuuciCare Each cream is specialized and functional

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Maximize profits in order to maximize benefits to society and the environment.


YuuciCare is the e-commerce platform for Social Enterprises. In other words GCoop is the Amazon for companies who strive to do good for the world.

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YuuciCare's mission is to resolve social problems and deficiencies using strong ethical values and sound business practices


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"I'll never go back to my old products. The YuuciCare products are the best I've ever used. Great prices on everything!."
Marilyn Keller
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Dermatest Excellent using Natural Ingredients Nadimo is Top of the line Hair Care products by YuuciCare

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